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Spent Grain Beer Bread for Homebrewers

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I just started homebrewing and felt really bad about just throwing out the grains from my brews. I was sure there was something I could do with the spent grain, so I googled and found a recipe to make some bread. If you want to retain a lot of the grain flavor in the bread, this is the recipe to start with. Here’s how it went for me. First things first, I opened a brew that my friend gave me. It was several years old (yes, I said years), so…read more


Grid Layout

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I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted on my blog. I really should be fired, but luckily I’m my only employee. A friend and co-worker, Jesse Inman, recently introduced me to the grid system. I’ve been really impressed with the way it responds to the viewport, and the ease with which it allows a designer to add blocks of content to a site. Here’s another grid system that has some differences. With that in mind, I updated my blog theme to one that is built on a…read more


iPhone MMS Message Send Failure

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My iPhone 3G was doing very well with the new MMS capabilities until one day it wouldn’t send any. I didn’t update, add any apps, or change any settings. All I did was sync it with iTunes to backup the phone. I don’t know if that caused the problem or not, but it was the only thing I did besides normal usage of the phone. I was hunting for a fix online and saw a lot of suggestions for people who couldn’t get MMS working from the beginning, but none…read more


Transfer Music From iPhone to Computer

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I recently got a new iMac and wanted the music from my iPhone on it. I have tried several different apps that work well with iPods, but have trouble with the iPhone for whatever reason. Senuti used to be my go-to app, but it hadn’t been updated for the iPhone 3G, not to mention that they had started charging for the software. Yamipod is a great free app that does the job for getting music off, as well as putting music back on the iPod (although a little unrefined as…read more


Twitter Haters Who Text Me What They Are Doing

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The top 2 reasons I hear for why people don’t use Twitter are: I don’t get it. I don’t care what people are doing, and I don’t want people to know what I’m doing. I can understand the first reason, but it’s the second reason I take issue with. If you are the person who tells me you don’t care what other people are doing, and you also don’t want people to know what you’re doing, then you need to stop texting me everything you’re doing throughout the day! Stop…read more